Sunday, 1 August 2010

How Do You Put Your Bargains Together? The Perfect Night Out Oufits

You've arranged to go out with your girlfriends for a night on the town, what do you wear. You see your friends so often that you feel the need to buy something new but you don't want to splash the cash. Here are my tips for a versatile collection of night out outfits which don't break the bank. The first location where I go for a bargain has to be Primark. I admit that a large amount of their stock is tacky and you probably wouldn't wear 90% of it but there are some gems to be had. Such as this silver sequin mini dress (right). When it was full price it was only £19.00 but in the sale it was reduced to £5.00. It's a little out there for my normal taste but teamed with thick black tights, black accesories and some funky heels (see a later post for what heels to wear) it looks gorgeous. Last time I went in to Primark they still had the dress in so don't hesitate if you want this dress.

If silver sequin dresses aren't your cup of tea then maybe you are a black lacy leotard fan. They've been seen on celebrities and in all the glossy magazines and I think everyone should own one. My favourite is this leotard from New Look. (left) The solid black 'boobtube style' bodice is classy and the black lace sleeves and neckline and a little touch of sexy. This top cost me £12.00 and is the best lacy top I have found on the High Street. This leotard can be teamed with black shorts, leggings for a Cheryl Tweedy look or maybe a bright bold skirt.

One of my favourite colours is blue and I have two great blue skirts which are perfect for a night out. The first is this blue 'body-con' style skirt from Marks and Spencers of all people. (right) I managed to bag this bargain in a sale earlier this year and it cost me £3, yes only £3. It's tight but not clingy, it's not too short and the bandage is just right. Alternatively there is this silk blue skirt with a black elasticated waist from Oasis. It cost £15 in the sale which may seem a lot more than he £3 skirt but I've worn it so much that it's been a worthwile purchase. They can both be worn with the black lace leotard or a plain black vest whichever you feel like. I think I have a thing for blue because it's bright but not too in your face as yellow or green or red might be.
I have many more items to show you so check out my next post.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

This Months Fashions Bargains - The Sales are Here

Yes everybody the sales are here and what more of a reason could you need to hit the high street. Debenhams, House of Fraser, Selfridges, New Look, Topshop and H&M are just a few of the stores to have sales at the moment. Don't forget to check online as well.

I've tried to reduce what I spend this month but then the sales came. I bought a stunning sequined dress from Primark for a fiver. I'm going to wear it on nights out in the winter with thick black tights and stilettos, it's going to look fabulous. I also bought a cute denim jacket which is so this summer, also from Primark and a bargain at just 13.00 full price. I searched for weeks trying to find one so be quick if you want to grab this bargain.

I also treated myself to a new bag, I'm so bad. It was in the sale at Stringers, a local department store, it's blue faux snakeskin by Fiorelli and I fell in love from the moment I saw it.

That's all I bought in June, I have been good, but July is here now and no doubt I'll go spending again.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My Rules of Fashion Buying

1) Do I need it?
Yes, you need to know if you really need the item before you buy, full price or not, if you decide you can't live without that item, then you can move on to the next question.

2) Can you buy it cheaper somewhere else?
Make sure you can't find the item anywhere cheaper. It's all about gut instincts. If you see a Lipsy dress in a boutique think carefully. The invention of mobile web for mobile phones makes this process much easier. Firstly check the Lipsy website, calculate whether it'd be cheaper, remember delivery may need to be added on. Search the dress model number or the desciption in a search engine. Once you've checked this out and you have tried your best then you can proceed further.

3) Discount
Students can get 10% off many stores, don't forget to ask, it's always worth it. There are lots of vouchers hanging around, in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Websites such as Martin Lewis's MoneySavingExpert list all the offers and where to get hold of these much needed vouchers.

You may always shop at Topshop because you like their clothes and the shops in general. I have nothing against Topshop, I have bought some beautiful items from their but don't be afraid to try somewhere else. A white vest may cost you 9.00 at Topshop where I Primark it may cost you 2.00, yes it may not last as long but you could buy four of the Primark ones for one Topshop vest. Visit shops you wouldn't normally, when you go to a supermarket to be scared to check out their clothes line. Vintage stores and charity shops may also have that item you're looking for, don't be scared of looking, it doesn't cost anything.

5) Try it on
It may seem stressful at the time but it's very important that you try things on. I hate trying items on sometimes, but not trying things on can unknowingly bump up costs. For example you take a bus ride to the shopping centre, 4.00 return, you buy a 10.00 top, you get home, try it on, it doesnt fit, you have to return it, another 4.00 bus fare. You've spent 8.00 in total and it's been a waste. Yes you may have been buying other items but what if you haven't. If you aren't going to try things on buy from stores nearby, not an hour away.

6) Don't forget the internet
I recently discovered that fashion website doesn't charge for delivery when you choose Super Saver delivery. I was quite excited I don't know how long the offer is on for but I will defintely be visiting the site more often.

more rules may follow ...

My Fashion Bargains So Far

Well I thought my first post should show my credentials and I like to think they're pretty impressive.

My biggest and best fashion bargain are my Chloe white jeans. I was on my way to London with the family and we called at Hatfield. I popped into the TK MAXX and was just browsing the clearance section when I found the jeans. They were my size, then I saw the price - 7.00. yes 7.00 for a genuine pair of Chloe jeans, retail price 200.00 +. I did have to queue for nearly an hour but it was well worth it.

Handbags are also an area which I like to bag a bargain. I have a huge Fiorelli faux snakeskin bag which was half price at 27.00 from TK MAXX. My favourite bag bargain however is an oversized Guess clutch bag, all my friends love it and it was reduced from 130.00 to 30.00 in a local department store.

UGG's are one of my true passions, I bought a beautiful pair from Bank (when they stocked them in store) for 79.00 RRP 180.00 and various others for at least half the price.

I have never bought a pair of trainers full price, I can get the Nike stylish ones or KSWISS I want for at least 20.00 off the rrp. The realms of Sports World, JJB and TK MAXX are all known locations of bargain trainers.

One of my most notable bargain trips was to Liverpool. I was actually attending a university open day but had to pop to the shops. The department store Lewis was closing down, I was unsure about whether to go in but decided it was worth a look. I was so glad I did. I bought a dress which I have worn so many times. It was a black light knitted jumper dress from Oasis. It was reduced from 35.00 to 5.00. Yes 5.00. It is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.

I could go on and on about so many different items but for now that is all.